Nuget (with prereleases)
NugetLucene.Net.ObjectMapping written for Lucene.Net

Lucene.Net.ObjectMapping is an open-source library (sources available on GitHub) to map .Net objects to Lucene.Net documents and vice versa, available as a NuGet package. It also offers specific ways to search for and delete documents created with the library.

Features of Lucene.Net.ObjectMapping

At this point, the Lucene.Net.ObjectMapping library offers the following features.

  • Mapping of .Net Objects to Lucene.Net Documents to easily store, retrieve, and search them from a Lucene.Net Index.
  • Mapping of Lucene.Net Documents (created by the library) back to .Net Objects.
  • Filtering of Lucene.Net Documents based on the .Net Object they hold, for multiple purposes:
    • Deleting Documents
    • Searching Documents
    • Updating Documents
  • Support for Custom Object Mapping to tailor Lucene.Net.ObjectMapping to your needs.

More Information

I try to write about the functionality offered by Lucene.Net.ObjectMapping in my blog, so here are some link where you can read more, orderd oldest to newest so you can read in chronological order: